Hands On, Minds On: How Executive Function, Motor, and Spatial Skills Foster School Readiness
This book describes the importance of children’s executive function, motor, and spatial skills for academic achievement in literacy and mathematics, as well as their connections with other areas of school readiness such as physical health, social and emotional development, and approaches to learning. The author emphasizes how social relationships and interactions, both in and outside the classroom, encourage or constrain young children’s development in these three skills, called foundational cognitive skills. The book concludes with a summary of the growing evidence in favor of guided object play, which teachers introduce to children to exercise and strengthen foundational cognitive skills.



Applies prominent theories from cognitive psychology to explain how children learn in the early childhood classroom.

Includes text comprehension check questions, short exercises, and realistic examples of an imaginary preschool classroom.

Examines different types of play and their association with learning gains, especially for children of lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Proposes shifts in early childhood practice toward guided object play, to give all students an opportunity for early success in school.

Coming Spring 2018 from Teachers College Press. Foreword by Sharon Ritchie


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Braver Than You Believe: True Stories of Losing Love and Finding Self
This 75K-word book is an email epistolary (collection of emails) that Claire edited with its main author, Sue Mangum. This book follows six single moms – three widows and three divorcees – in real time over a year of healing after losing their husbands. They discuss everything from “least favorite job the man used to do,” to “how does a widow tell her kids that she’s dating again?” to “what’s the difference between death and divorce?”

Sue and Claire know firsthand how difficult grieving a lost relationship can be. This book is for readers who have lost someone, or who know someone who has experienced the end of a close relationship due to death or divorce. It’s now available on paperback and Kindle.

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