Braver Than You Believe

After 2.5 years… three book festivals… 30 writing group meetings… countless weekends… many hours on the phone… more edits than I can count…

Our book is finally published!

Though we created this book for the grieving, we’ve heard from readers that it’s bigger than that, showing how real women navigate through anything difficult. Braver Than You Believe is the true story of six women healing after loss, through an email support group they create for themselves.

It’s a 21st century record of transformation and acceptance.

It’s a discovery of laughter and light – and did we mention romance? – in the darkness.

It’s the funniest grief book you’ll ever read.

And it’s available now on Create Space, Amazon and Kindle.


  1. Carolyn O'Neal

    Grief is such a personal journey. The people who have helped me the most through grief are those on the inside who I can share everything detail with and those on the outside who give me a safe place to be happy.

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